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Valet Trash Pickup

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Valet Trash Company serving Chattanooga
Valet Trash Company serving Chattanooga

Give yourself a break from the mess of taking out the trash

Long, late night walks to the dumpster are a thing of the past. Let Koalafied Holdings Valet Trash  do it for you.


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How it Works

There’s a reason the industry calls it “valet” trash. It’s because your valet will come and pick up your trash just as a valet would pick up your car!  Koalafied Holdings valet trash communities receive doorstep collection of trash and recycling five nights a week. We also offer customized days and times to fit your community’s specific needs.

To get started, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Trash Preparation

Communities have different collection dates and service times and use various waste containers. Check with your community management team to verify your collection dates, service times or a missing waste container.

All bags must be securely tied for collection. No loose items. Bags must hold contents securely during transport, without ripping or leaking.

Running short on bag supplies? Reorder anytime from our Shop.

Step 2: Ready for Pickup

Place the container, containing your securely tied trash bag, outside your front door.

If you have more than one bag, “snow cone” one bag on top of the other, inside your container.

Check with your community management team to verify the waste collection dates and service times at your community.

Step 3: You're DONE!

Simply return the container back inside your apartment home by 9:00 am the next morning.

Now go do something fun instead of going to the dumpster!

How Does the Recycling Process Work with Valet Trash Service?

Here’s a rundown of the benefits:

  • No need to carry trash up/down stairs, on elevators or down hallways
  • No trash chutes or designated areas where garbage piles up
  • Services usually gets included in rent
  • Valet waste collection is available to all residents
  • Contributes to a cleaner apartment community that everyone can enjoy
  • More efficient for property management
  • Regular schedule makes trash collection predictable and convenient
  • Supports recycling and sorting of waste
  • Deters potential snooping through tenant garbage
  • Service valets offer helping hand and extra security on apartment premises during the night

Factors for Community Owners


Your asset value increases by adding Valet Trash, and its commensurate revenue stream.

Average property value increases $750k – $1.2M based on a Cap Rate of 6-8%.

Our doorstep waste systems enhance property marketability.



Phase-in pricing delivers positive cash flow from the inception of service — it’s impossible to provide services more affordably and effectively.

Existing residents are not billed until their renewal.

Koalafied Holdings Valet Trash waste services help secure higher market rents.


Reduces improper disposal of trash among the community.

Cleaner Living spaces for residents and better work environment for employees.

Reduces Maintenance Costs for Owners.

Valet Trash Benefits to Residents

Save Time and Energy

No more last minute trash runs. No more struggling with bags, coffee, and work/school stuff out the door.

Improved Experience

Renters will experience a sense of having arrived when they or friends see the 1 on 1 help received with the trash at pick up. Pride increases!

Pickup Nightly

Our professional valets will pick up your trash nightly from your door. Safe and worry free pick up each time.

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