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Premier valet trash company in Chattanooga Tennessee and surrounding areas.  We are here to make your rentals luxurious and high end!  Property managers get in touch with us to learn how we can increase the interest in your property by adding trash valet services.  Give us a call and experience the Koalafied Holdings Valet Trash difference.

Chattanooga TN, Hamilton County, Southeast Tennesseee, USA

Chattanooga, Tenn. has a constant flow of tourists that make their way to Tennessee to see this riverside town, its famous bridge, its iconic mountains, and the iconic underground waterfall. People who like the outdoors use Chattanooga as their base for whitewater rafting, bass fishing, mountain climbing, and caving expeditions; the lush Smoky Mountains and the Tennessee River watershed supports the greatest diversity of plant life of any region in the country.

With walking trails and wide sidewalks, Chattanooga is one of Tennessee’s most walkable cities. The capital city of Hamilton County, Chattanooga is an attractive city that serves as the transportation hub for most of the state of Tennessee. In addition to the affordability of Chattanooga, Chatts great location along the Tennessee-Georgia border gives residents easy access to a number of Southern cities. Once a Cherokee settlement, this bustling town in southeast Tennessee along the Georgia border is now home to a 180,000-person population.

Chattanooga, Tenn., mixes outdoorsy adventures with laid-back charm, so that you get to enjoy the blend of both, and that your traveling companions all can find something to suit their tastes. If wandering the wilds appeals to you, you would love to live in a town that has its own arts district, or you are excited about being in a place that has Internet speeds so fast that it is been called the Gig City, then you definitely will want to consider moving to Chattanooga.

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Koalafied Holdings valet trash service is a leading valet trash company providing door-to-door recycling and trash for the multifamily residential sector. We are a leading supplier in the residential doorstep trash pickup industry, based in Chattanooga TN and serving Huntsville AL, Knoxville TN, Nashville TN, Murfreesboro TN and surrounding areas.  We provide a top notch luxury amenity that residents and property managers love. As a result, our trash removal services are consistently in the top three of the most desired amenities by residents and property owners/managers.

According to Property Manager Insider, valet services can cost residents as much as $35 per month, and the service is usually built into lease agreements. According to Property Manager Insider, the costs that property management companies incur in hiring  a company like Koalafied Holdings to provide trash services are passed along to the resident as part of the lease. When the property hired a curbside garbage service, it agreed to pay a fixed monthly fee per unit on the property. This cost typically ranges between $8 to $15 per unit depending on the service providers quality, the frequency of service, and the size of the property. 

If you would like a quote or to learn more about how we can take your property up a notch, contact us to get started.